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Scaffolding Forward for Learning Today

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Scaffolding Forward for Learning Today

Unfinished Learning?  We got this!

Raise your hand if you have missing pieces in math somewhere.  Most of us do!

At Math in the Fast Lane, we believe in scaffolding forward.  What does that mean?  That means that tactical devices are available for students to bridge critical gaps needed today – to learn something new.  Today.  Right now.  This provides rich opportunities for students with unfinished learning to grasp new concepts at the same time as their peers.

Because the last thing we want to do is create MORE gaps…

Remediation JUST IN TIME recognizes that there are some memory items that might not be readily available right now that are critical to new learning, like fractions, multiplication tables, or perfect squares.  Learning is a continuum.  We do not want to over scaffold students, but we also don’t want them to shut down on us and risk not learning today because of a memory item.  Hey, we’re still working on it!

Scaffolding just in time can reduce cognitive overload.  Rather than panic on unfinished learning items, students can actually listen to new information, because they have what they need in front of them.

Every unit on Math in the Fast Lane has scaffolding devices.  Critical to differentiated learning, these support processing new information.

BTW:  Welcome to Math in the Fast to our new arrivals, especially Brentwood, California schools!

More helpful tips on using your Math in the Fast Lane resources in this “Hot New” section.  Also, there’s a short video under “About Us” on navigating the site in real classrooms.

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