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Help Tips

First time registrationtech_tips

  • Go to the registration page here or select
    “Register New Account” under the “Getting Started” menu.
  • Enter your information and click “Register”.
  • The administrator will validate your account and you will receive an email informing you that your account is
    ready to use.

Display Issues

Browser –  If the graphics do not fill the space fully, make sure the window is fully open (maximized) or try using a different browser such as:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or above (PC)
  • Mozilla Firefox (PC/Mac)
  • Safari (Mac)
  • Google Chrome (PC/Mac)

Screen Size –

  • The screen size can also be adjusted on your computer for optimal presentation. Both Windows and Mac OS have this feature. (Display – Adjust resolution)


  • Most documents will print best in landscape (wide) as opposed to portrait (tall).
  • Look at either the top left or top right-hand side of the browser for drop-down menus with print options
  • Go to print preview and set the orientation, margins, & header/footers to your liking
  • The T.I.P. screens may be saved to your computer for later reference or printing outside the bowser as needed (right-click on the image and select ‘Save as’ from the pop-up)

Smart Board™, Tablets, and Laptops

  • Touch screen (tap anywhere on the graphic to return to menu screen) with any computer on screen
  • iPad: touch screen (pinch/zoom feature) and expandable on iPad or screen (and iOS compatible devices)
  • Laptop: Expandable with “area capture” tools