Where Rigor Meets Engagement

What Teachers Say

We asked math teacher for honest feedback after utilizing our Math in the Fast Lane online resources. Responses were designed to be anonymous and open-ended. Their enthusiasm came through loud and clear!

Here is a sampling of comments…



I loved having everything right there already made so I could spend my time utilizing the materials and not having to create them.
I loved seeing my students engaged and having fun while learning.
I think these resources are great. Teachers are dying to have ready- made resources like this that made boring material as interesting as possible!
The kids really enjoyed them and said it was more like playing a game then doing work. I have seen significant improvement in scores of not only my low achieving struggling students but also my high level students.
A larger percentage of students were authentically engaged utilizing these resources. Students who were likely to be disengaged before became more authentically engaged.
Dramatically increased my students’ confidence and accurate understanding of unit vocabulary.
Very impactful in closing gaps to provide greater access to the curriculum.
We incorporated compare/contrast, which one doesn’t belong, what is the equation, activators, and sometimes-always-never. They all were FABULOUS!
This is an amazing tool that will make a huge difference in our planning and execution of our lessons! Thank you!
This was very helpful in that the resources are ready to use.
Holy Cow! I have spent countless hours creating – now I can spend more time giving constructive feedback. 🙂