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Getting Started

There are two components to getting started…

» Site License

Site licenses are tailored for the unique needs of schools and districts. In addition to teachers having a site license, students can also access the site during and after school. During class, for example, students can just tap on an assignment or work in a learning station (tasks are also printable). At home, students can access homework, complete with answer keys. Math in the Fast Lane is very reasonably priced and typically fits easily into school budgets. For more information on school or district pricing, please contact us.

getting started

» Professional Development*

Hands-on and fast-paced, teachers and leaders will leave the session ready for next-day implementation. Throughout the day, teachers work collaboratively to construct lessons utilizing the resource.

Participants will leave with:

  1. An understanding of the research behind MFL
  2. The critical nature of the instructional framework
  3. Lessons that will increase achievement in ALL students
  4. A renewed passion for what is possible in our classrooms.

A minimum of one day is highly recommended. Schools can be combined for trainings to minimize costs. Professional development is $1500.00 per day. Professional development will be tailored to the needs of the staff, taking into account the prior knowledge levels of Math in the Fast Lane. In order to maintain fidelity of implementation, leaders are highly encouraged to attend.


* There are special circumstances, such as budget constraints, in which we can coach departments via Skype, rather than face-to-face PD.