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Privacy Policy

Math in the Fast Lane is part of Fast Lane Learning, LLC, based in Athens, Georgia. It is based on the research and practice of educational author Suzy Pepper Rollins.  The research utilized is located in these two ASCD books:  Learning in the Fast Lane and Teaching in the Fast Lane (ASCD). Her third book, Teaching Vulnerable Learners (WW Norton), follows the principles also found in Math in the Fast Lane. The mantra of Math in the Fast Lane: “Where rigor meets engagement.”  We are committed to the success of students.

Math in the Fast Lane is web based. Educators apply for accounts with their school emails and create individual passwords.  Schools, districts, or regional educational agencies purchase annual licenses. Accounts are approved by our office. When a user creates an account, an option is presented that enables the user to store their ID (work email) and password. This is for convenience to the users. Users may change their passwords at any time.

Math in the Fast Lane does not collect information on its users. We do not track the amount of time individual teachers are on the site or the specific resources that were accessed. Our site does have a component that shows us which resources are utilized the most as a whole of users. This enables MFL to make decisions about adding, changing, or deleting resources that teachers feel best fit classroom needs.

Work (school) emails are required for use. We do not sell emails or provide this information to any other entity. This feature might be used to send informational emails about Math in the Fast Lane tips and resources.

Math in the Fast Lane does not sell ads to the site or provide user information to others.

While MFL is largely an instructional tool for teachers, we do allow multiple users to be logged in under one teacher’s account at a time. This feature is so that teachers who utilize station teaching can reduce the need for making copies – students can simply utilize devices that are logged in. Every screen/resource can be copied, however, by scrolling over the top left corner of the page. We do not create student rosters. There are no student assessment or practice features – the site is web based, but not interactive. Student work is not computer graded or tracked in any way.

Additional questions can be sent to support@mathinfastlane.com